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Black Birth Matters is an event and cultural campaign to uplift the live-giving power of Black women and people with wombs. The inaugural event celebrates the birthing journey of Black Sex Matters creator Kristiana Rae Colón and her partner and comrade Malik Alim as they prepare to welcome Baby Alim Colón. The community baby shower will be hosted by founding collaborator Nikki Patin and feature storytelling, spoken word, burlesque, live belly painting, and political education on Black birthwork, doula and natural birth resources. Proceeds will be split to support Baby Alim Colón's medical and birthing costs and to provide a scholarship for free or discounted doula services with Chicago Birthworks Collective to a mama in need.

Black Birth Matters because while Black women's reproduction has been historically exploited in the Americas to build wealth and power for others, we experience complications, trauma, and mortality in birth at three to four times the rate of other mothers. While this nation was built on Black midwifery and birthing expertise, the medical industry has systematically delegitimized that knowledge and disempowered women of all backgrounds from having autonomy over their bodies and their birthing experience. Black Birth Matters because Black life matters, and it's time to return power to the people who create it. 

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